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Northeast India is unique in every respect when compared to the rest of India. Northeast is home to a very unique range of spices that are quite different in taste and attributes from the commonplace spices used in the cuisines of mainland India. This has earned for North-East, a global fame and a distinct position on the world map.
A young, dynamic group of young entrepreneurs Mr Sankar Prasad Kalwar, Mr Gautam Ghosh and Mr Brijmohan Sarma from Jorhat, Assam in the North-East India, founded Sigma Spice Industry in the year 1993  with a passionate fortitude to produce most commonly consumed local spices in packs. Since then Sigma has inhabited in the heart of every Indian housewives in the name of EVEYDAY MASALE.
From the day of inception, Sigma focuses on food safety in an uncompromising way.  With a reputation for exceptional quality, superior R&D capabilities, experienced technical support and outstanding customer service, Everyday Masale are prepared not only to meet the needs of domestic use but also of the commercial food industry. In Everyday Masale, Sigma packs fresh and uses fresh ingredients. It doesn't need to add anything to enhance the flavour as  the products don't sit around long and therefore need for additives to keep them fresh is insignificant.
To create the finest blends, Sigma procures the highest quality herbs, spices, and specialty ingredients from different parts of India. Sigma Spices stocks and sells only the purest, most natural products available, and continues to seek out the finest products on the market. With the prime focus on food safety, Sigma has already developed a reputation for exceptional quality and outstanding service.

About Sigma Spices
    FAQ -

Q.  From where do you procure your spices?
A. We collect the highest grade spices available in the North-East India and rest from other parts of India, which allows us
to maintain the best quality.

Q.   Are your spices organic?
A.  No, we currently do not have an organic line of products. In near future wil shall have it for you.

Q.   How are your products processed?
A.  All the products are grinded & packed using automated machines for tastier and healthier products.

Q.   What makes you different from other spice companies?
   A. Sigma Spices, with the brand name of EVERYDAY MASALE is a growing business with decades of experience.
Everyone is interested to know about spices and seasonings and how to create    
          mouthwatering dishes that will wow customers and families alike. We outfit for the needs of veg & non-veg professional
as well as home cooking, for what, we always try to widen our range to bring you  
          the latest taste sensations. We don’t just sell spices, we try to make you realize what exactly the taste and feel of aroma
is. Moreover, we are committed to the quest of quality.